What Is Web Browser Practically – Detailed Explaination

what is web browser
what is web browser

What Is Web Browser:-

Web Browser is a Software . It is used to access all the resources that are available on the Internet.

Like ,  if we want to open any Website namely YouTube.com , Google.com Or Yahoo.com etc then We must have Web Browser Installed in our Computer , otherwise we are unable to open these Important Websites.

Web Browsers : Internet Explorer , Netscape Navigator , Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome


Software is a set of Program. It is designed to get a specific output or result via Computer or any other Digital Machine.

There are two types of Software :-

System Software:-

Software that are used to Run the computer itself , is known as System Software.

System Software : Operating System , Device Drivers , Utility Software

Application Software:- 

Software that are used to do a specific task to fulfill the requirements of User , is known as Application Software. These Software are Installed by the User based on their requirements.These are not necessary to Run the Computer.

Application Software : Tally , Photoshop , Page Maker , Web Browsers

Different types of Web Browser for different type of working we have to do,

  1. Internet Explorer is used mainly for HTML related coding for accurate result.
  2. Netscape Navigator is  used rarely .
  3. Mozilla Firefox is used for almost all types of things.
  4. Google Chrome is used for fast accessing , Website like Facebook and YouTube.


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