Pointer In C++


Pointer In C++:-

In this article I have explained Pointer in c++ in detail with effective way.You will like it , I know about it. So enjoy it lovely friends. The concept of pointer  in c++ is most important to get c++ in detail.


It is a variable contains the address of another variable of same type. Pointer is a special type of variable.

If we want to Store the address of ’int’ Type variable then we have to take ‘int’ type of pointer variable.

Pointer Variable Declaration Statement:-

Syntax ,

DataType         * VariableName;

In this Statement, we declare the data type and the name of a Pointer variable.


int    *ptr;

Initialization of a Pointer:-

To initialize a Pointer variable, first of all we have to declare the same type of a Simple variable.


int a;


Now we have to do initialization of example  Pointer,


By above Statement ’ptr’ is initialized,the address of variable ‘a’

If we want to display the value of a then we can write,


Output,   10

By above example it is declared that Pointer ‘ptr’ now indicating the variable ‘a’ and showing the value of a.

//Program to show the use of a pointer.



void main ()


clrscr ();

int a,*ptr;



cout<<”the value of variable”<<a;

cout<<” The value of a variable by pointer”<<*ptr;

cout<<”The address of a variable “<<ptr;




The value of variable:-5

The value of a variable by Pointer:-5

The address of a variable:- EH5326 (It may any address)

Address of operator (&):-

The operator is used to get the address of a variable. If we want to get the address of a variable namely ‘a’ then we have to write the following Statement.


After this we put it into the same type of variable of Pointer type.


Assignment  Operator(=):-

This operator is used to assign a value to a  variable like following Statement.

(1) b=a;

(2) a=5;

In (1) Example the value of ‘a’ is going into variable ‘b’ in

(2) example 5 is putting in variable ‘a’.

 Pointer To A Pointer :-

A variable declared in a Program is assigned an address. A Pointer variable also has an address. Pointer to a Pointer means that a variable can be declared which can store the address of Pointer variable.

//Program to Show the use of ‘Pointer to a Variable’.



void main ()

clrscr ();

int a=10,   *ptr1, **ptr2;



cout<<” The value of a variable is:-”<<a<<”in”;

cout<<”The value of a variable by ptr1 is ”<<*ptr<<”/n”;

cout<<”The value of a variable by ptr2 is”<<**ptr2;




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